Steps to a Healthier Life HPH

Congratulations on taking your first step towards optimal health!

Your screening is complete, and you now have your numbers. If your results are not what you expected or hoped for, can offer you tools and guidance as you explore this option of creating optimal health in your own life. Your health journey can begin now. It is possible to live without being tired, overweight, and dependent on medications. offers you a variety of FREE Health Coaches to choose from. Each Health Coach has embraced their journey towards optimal health and is ready to pay it forward.  Step by step, they have learned the Habits of Health. They are more energized, off medications, and have obtained a healthy weight. Are you ready to choose a Health Coach to guide you on your journey? They will provide you with nutritional meal options, tips, and support as you walk your journey toward optimal health!


What Health Coaches Have to Say


“I started to gain weight and needed to take control of it.”

“I was a former college athlete. Graduate school and work took the place of my afternoon workouts. I started to gain weight and needed to take control of it. We were newly married. My wife got on program with me for support, and she benefited, too. We now know how to be healthy and fit in the world of fast food and busy schedules. Our Health Coach guided us through it.”

Jared and Allison
20s // getting a hold of their health early



“I needed to feel the best I could feel…”

“I had just given birth to my daughter and went back to work. Juggling family and my career was demanding. I needed to feel the best I could feel and wanted to lose the extra baby weight for my sister’s wedding. My Health Coach gave me the tools and nutritional guidance I needed, and I hit my pre-pregnancy weight! I have my weight under control, and my nutrition is the best it’s ever been. I was able to nurse for two years!”

30s // embracing motherhood and career



“I was unhappy with the way I felt and looked.”

“I had been overweight for years after my battle with cancer. I was unhappy with the way I felt and looked. My doctor suggested I talk to a Health Coach, and I have never looked back. I have lost 65 pounds! Not only have I beat cancer, but I am now maximizing my years with the Habits of Health for a longer and healthier life! My Health Coach guided me on my journey. Now, I am paying it forward.”

40s // managing career and family



“…as life got tougher, I became more and more unhealthy.”

“I am in my 50s and have experienced life’s many challenges.  Each challenge took me further away from optimal health. The scale only moved in one direction – up. Many health issues were showing up, and as life got tougher, I became more and more unhealthy. I was out of options when I was introduced to my Health Coach. The support and the meal replacements were perfect! The program was easy, and I actually saved money by going on the program. I have been taken off thyroid medications and many other supplements! I have lost 40 pounds, and I have never felt better!

50s // empty nester



“…I was only getting more sick and depressed.”

“My wife and I are in our 60s. We are retired and still raising a family. I was prescribed a Health Coach by my doctor. He actually wrote my Health Coach’s name on a RX pad. I reluctantly called because I was only getting more sick and depressed. My diabetes was out of control. I lived in a fog. My wife decided to go on the program to help me. Low and behold, I am off all diabetes meds as well as blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I am now hiking and camping with my grandchildren. I never dreamed life could be so good! I still can’t believe the results. My Health Coach was the key to the process. I was taught the Habits of Health; I was given the tools I needed as I went along my journey. I am a new person. By the way, my wife lost 40 pounds, and I didn’t even think she needed to. Life is good.”

Andy and Ida
60s // retired



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